Parent Council

Mountain Laurel Waldorf School, New Paltz, New YorkThe Mountain Laurel Waldorf School Parent Council is committed to working in the spirit of warmth, inclusiveness, transparency and support in our school community.

Note: Parent Council Meeting for 2015/2016 school year to be announced. Check the School Calendar! Find out about more initiatives you can help with! Things like: Community Outreach and Fundraising. Bring your ideas….

The mission of the Parent Council is three-fold in its intention:

First, that it bridge communication among the faculty, administration, board and parent body.

Second, that it encourage and support parent understanding of Waldorf Education by inspiring and facilitating learning opportunities.

Third, that it organize and utilize the gifts and energies of the parent body to initiate and support events that enrich the life of the school community.

Expanding upon our mission; Our first objective is to bridge communication within the school community: This requires us to create and develop ourselves as an organizational entity that prioritizes communication and accountability. We will commit to several goals during the school year and bring them to fruition. We will also have yearly assessment protocols that will continually refine and enhance how we communicate with the faculty, administration, board, and parent body. We will be open and accepting of all constructive feedback. This accountability process, coupled with meeting our goals, will increase a sense of trust in the Parent Council allowing us to enhance, support and strengthen communication within the Mountain Laurel Community.

Our second objective is to support parent understanding of Waldorf Education: This requires us to take a pulse of the needs and questions that are living in the parent body. As these areas of interest, questions and concerns are identified, we will work with the school to schedule lectures, guest speakers and small study groups to broaden parents’ vision of Waldorf Education. As this understanding deepens, parents will be better able to support their child, their class teacher and the school community as a whole.

Finally, our third objective is to organize and utilize the gifts of the parent body to better support the school community: Our vision includes creating a directory of parent skills. With this information organized, easy to access, and updated on a yearly basis, we will match parent enthusiasm with specific events and school functions, within the embrace of Waldorf philosophy. by creating a resonant match of parent skills and school needs, we hope to create a climate which inspires and welcomes service within the parent community.