Grade School Subjects

Science and Mathematics

From nature observation, numbers, and arithmetic, to the study of animals and plants, geography, business math, geometry, algebra, physics, meteorology, geology, chemistry, and physiology.


From fairy tales, fables, and legends, through the Old Testament, mythology and history of ancient cultures, including Greece, Rome, and medieval society, to the Renaissance, Reformation, and Industrial and Political Revolutions.

Language Arts

Mountain Laurel Waldorf School, New Paltz, New YorkWriting, speech, recitation, reading, spelling, grammar, handwriting, theater, and creative writing (upper grades).

Spanish in lower grades through songs, games, and speech, and in upper grades through grammar, reading, writing, and conversation.


From singing and recorder playing by ear in first grade, to stringed instruments, harmony, rounds, ensemble work, and reading music in upper grades.

Fine Arts and Handwork

Painting, drawing, beeswax modeling, sewing, knitting, crocheting, working with clay and wood.


Games; sports; and eurythmy, an art of movement developed by Rudolf Steiner.