Thank you for your interest in Mountain Laurel Waldorf School. We are part of a growing worldwide association of schools dedicated to bringing forth the full creative potential of each child.

Waldorf education speaks directly to children’s experience, addressing each of the three different ways we relate to the world: through the intellect, the emotions, and the will — the ability to get things done.

The Waldorf approach also recognizes that children have distinct, age-related educational needs according to their particular stages of development. Our goal is that our students meet life’s challenges with clear thinking, balanced emotions, and self-initiative.

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Waldorf Education

We can place ourselves correctly in life only when every moment, every day, every week, every year becomes a source of learning for our further development. Regardless of how far we go in our schooling, we will have accomplished the most if, through this schooling, we have learned how to learn from life.

— Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf Education

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