Annual Giving Campaign

Dear Mountain Laurel Family and Friends,

Last year due to COVID-19, our lives were completely altered. From the way we educate, to our work, to the very way we live, we were faced with ever changing challenges daily. Mountain Laurel was one of the few schools to open and adapt successfully to those challenges.

For the better part of the school year, our students thrived in their familiar setting, with a strong community behind them. Parents, grandparents, friends, staff and faculty worked together to encircle our youngest minds with safety, stability and wonder.

With best practices in place our prodigious MLWS faculty members were able to comfort and care for our students while continuing to cultivate their love of stories, music making, inspired art and keeping their inquisitive spirit alive and well. Coupled with our rigorous and well rounded curriculum, our students continue to be well prepared for their next educational journey beyond 8th grade.

We are exceedingly grateful for the support you have lent thus far and we cannot thank you enough for your trust and conviction to make all things possible for the children of MLWS today. If you are able to do so, we invite you to make a gift to the Mountain Laurel Annual Giving Campaign. Our goal is $40,000 by year’s end. Each year our budget relies on financial acts of kindness. Each contribution is essential, and each contribution of any amount makes a difference. With your support, we will continue to adapt to our ever-changing world while giving our students the enriching Waldorf experience they deserve – days filled with curiosity, light, and dreams for a fulfilling world.

This leaflet describes how your gift, at whatever amount feels possible, will help us meet these challenges together and emerge as an even stronger and more connected community.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Susan Ramaty,

Amy Solis,
Development Coordinator,

The Annual Giving Campaign is the single most important fund raising activity for Mountain Laurel Waldorf School each year. – it covers the difference between tuition revenue and the ever-increasing costs of operating our School.

In addition to supporting general operations, the Annual Giving Campaign also supports important professional development opportunities for faculty and staff. Because Annual Giving contributions are not allocated to any specific expense, the funds raised provide a welcome supplement to tuition income and can be used by the school where and when needed – very helpful indeed!

– Donate directly to the Annual Giving Campaign visit MOUNTAINLAUREL.ORG/GIVING
– Donate via Venmo: @Mountainlaurel
– Check, cash or credit card can be accepted
- Arrange for Sustaining Gifts in the form of annual or monthly donations from your bank account
- Ask your Employer if they match your charitable gifts

– Participate in various Fundraisers held throughout the year
– Purchase merchandise from the School Store, all proceeds go to the Annual Giving Campaign, unless otherwise noted
– Sign up for AmazonSmile at, sign in and select Mountain Laurel Waldorf School as your non-profit of choice

100% of MLWS income including fundraising is spent on operational expenses

Mountain Laurel Waldorf School is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Your tax-deductible gift to the Annual Giving Campaign also helps keep tuition more affordable for many families and ensures the continued vibrancy of Waldorf Education for our children. Thank You!

Annual Giving Donations

Mountain Laurel Waldorf School is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization your generous donation is tax deductible.

Annual Giving Campaign FAQs

What is the Annual Giving Campaign?

The Annual Giving Campaign is a yearly appeal to board members, parents, grandparents, alumni parents, alumni, faculty, staff, family, and friends for financial contributions to support the school’s operating expenses and tuition assistance program. This year, Mountain Laurel Waldorf School’s Annual Giving Campaign goal is $40,000.

Why is the Annual Giving Campaign necessary?

MLWS families already make a significant financial contribution to the school by paying tuition.
However, there is a gap between tuition income and MLWS’s annual operating budget. Mountain
Laurel is not alone in this; many Waldorf schools and independent schools ask their communities to
support them in this way. We are sustained by the collective generosity of parents, grandparents,
and friends who make tax-deductible gifts of all sizes, each year, through Annual Giving.

How does Mountain Laurel raise money besides the Annual Giving Campaign?

In addition to the Annual Giving Campaign, Mountain Laurel depends on fundraisers (including incentive giving opportunities, making a purchase from the school store, attending and supporting the Spring Soiree, and others) and grants to raise money.

Why is participation important?

The school’s financial strength is dependent on the participation of all members of its constituency.
Your participation generates enthusiasm and encourages others to join in supporting the school,
and it is a key indicator to prospective foundation and corporate donors that we have consistent
support from those we serve, both past and present.

By way of example, the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor received a grant notification letter from
the Waldorf Schools Fund President Gloria Kemp. She wrote: “It is indeed a pleasure to support an
initiative at schools where the enormous success of the Annual Fund Appeal speaks of the high
degree of commitment and support coming from the school community.”

How much should I give?

You are the only one who knows how much you are able to give. One hundred percent of Mountain
Laurel’s Board members give to the Annual Fund, and we count on every MLWS family to do the
same. What matters most is your participation. Each gift, no matter the size, makes an impact.

Another possible resource is employers who are willing to match an employee’s contribution. If
you think this might apply to you, please ask your employer if that is an option.

How do I give?

Ways To Give:

  • Donate directly to the Annual Giving Campaign visit MOUNTAINLAUREL.ORG/GIVING
  • Donate via Venmo: @mountainlaurel
  • Mail or deliver in person a check or cash
  • Donate via credit card online or contact MLWS office directly
  • Ask your employer if they match your charitable gift

We will keep you updated on the progress of the campaign through the Parent Council Newsletter, the website, and the school’s bulletin board.

With deep appreciation for your contributions and support.