Tuition & Financial Aid

We believe a Waldorf education should be accessible to those families who value the ideals, curriculum and learning environment, and families with genuine need are encouraged to apply for tuition aid. Please note that while our aim is to assure the possibility of Waldorf education for all our students, our ability to do so is limited, and parents must be prepared to shoulder the majority of their tuition obligation. Aid is only available for kindergarten and grade students.

Applications must be filed on time. Late applications will be reviewed when the process for timely applications has been completed. Any remaining funds will then be awarded to qualified late applicants.

We have partnered with NAIS, a national company specializing in Financial Aid Assessment for private schools. Please, apply online at

The Financial Aid Committee will use the assessment information provided by NAIS to determine tuition assistance awards and formally inform you of your award by mail.


Multiple Child Discount
Families with two children enrolled in the school receive a 5% discount on their total tuition. Families with three children enrolled in the school receive a 10% discount on their total tuition.
This discount does not apply to families who receive tuition assistance.

Pre-Pay Discount
Families that make full payment by Friday, April 7th receive a 5% tuition discount.

2018-2019 TUITION

Nursery & Kindergarten

3 Mornings $5,400
3 Full Days $7,500
4 Mornings $8,520
4 Full Days $12,720
5 Mornings $9,410
5 Full Days $14,610

Note: Nursery/Kindergarten afternoon programs are set up and staffed to accommodate anticipated enrollment. Once the school year begins, additional children will be admitted into these programs as openings occur.



Additional Fees

Application (new families only): $100 per child (nonrefundable)
Enrollment (yearly fee): $100 per child (nonrefundable)
Deposit: $800 per family (will be applied to tuition)
3rd Grade Farm Trip: $500 per student deposit (total cost of trip TBA)
Late Registration: $500 per family (applies only to returning families)