Bosch Purvis is the founder and primary instructor for Bars Beyond Bars, a creative liberation program. His organization offers currently incarcerated youth ages 14-21 the opportunity to make music while serving time. Bars Beyond Bars centers on the creative process as a tool for growth and opportunity. Given the highly structured environment of a detention center, the classes are free-flowing and open-ended.

In partnership with the Goshen Secure Center in New York, Bars Beyond Bars works to cultivate a safe, compassionate environment for young people to explore every aspect of digital music production including software, lyrics, vocals. Participants work closely with a professional producer to create a song that they can play on their iPod, reflect upon, and feel empowered by.

Bosch’s long-term goal for the program is to develop music recording programs for all incarcerated youth across the United States. To learn more about his fantastic program and listen to his latest tracks visit Bosch at

Bosch valued the opportunity to be free with his creativity at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School. He enjoyed all the art and music he did with his classmates and is still very close to them. Bosch sees Waldorf students helping shape the future by being open and having the freedom to express themselves fully and with multiple mediums. His advice for students to make the most of their experience at MLWS, is to be patient and take their time, to explore who they are and the world around them and to enjoy this stage of life to the fullest