Mountain Laurel Waldorf School Class of 2006 – Teresa Foudriat/Jeff Feldman

Hannah attended Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs and majored in French Literature and Language. She entered college with a music scholarship for clarinet, which required her to perform in orchestra, in various chamber ensembles and to complete a senior recital. For her senior Capstone Project, Hannah performed a Double Concerto for Clarinet and Guitar, composed by her father. They took the stage as soloists together, with the support of the Skidmore College Orchestra.

“I was a student at mountain Laurel during my middle school years, from 6th to 8th grades. The time I spent at this wonderful school indeed seems like a distant memory, yet I still carry with me the cherished lessons I learned from my classmates, the greater community, and about myself.

As a student who has experienced public, Quaker, and Waldorf education, I can say with the utmost confidence that Mountain Laurel yielded the greatest impact on my personal development. My mind, body and spirit evolved together, while a profound love of learning was instilled within me. I was in a constant state of stimulation, and this relationship with learning is so crucial in one’s life. I know it will always be there. I was able to recognize the beauty in everyone and everything around me, as I learned to find and nurture my own unique spirit. Like every other student in a Waldorf School, my individuality was not only accepted, but embraced. I understood the value of artistic expression, which continues to be the nucleus around which my life unfolds. My experience at Mountain Laurel is irreplaceable, and I will forever be grateful to my classmates, former teachers, and community that cultivated such a special environment.”

~ Hannah Emery