Mountain Laurel Waldorf School Alumni

Mountain Laurel’s alumni body continues to grow; its members embracing and excelling in a wide range of interests and careers including government/politics, dramatic arts, medicine, law, marketing/advertising, music, film, teaching, dance, psychology, design and the fine arts.

We hope to soon be able to put prospective students and their families in touch with our alumni, allowing them to communicate the strengths and advantages their early Waldorf education helped play in their current lives. More information on this coming soon.

“There are too many things to say about Mountain Laurel to list them all. To put it simply, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the experiences Mountain Laurel allowed me to have. This is a gift to the school that not only gave me an incredible starting point, but was a home to me and my family for four years.”
~ Jonathan Pesner, Alumnus, Class of 2003

Alumni News

Alumna Ilana Mason

What did you do right after you left MLWS? After MLWS I attended Rondout Valley HS where I focused on art and science. I went to community college after, where I achieved my Associate’s

Alumnus Bosch Purvis

Mountain Laurel Waldorf School Class of 2006 – Mrs. Foudriat & Mr. Feldman

Alumnus Jasper Weinburd

Jasper Weinburd
Class of 2005 – Mr. Lundin

Alumnus Emile Kuyl

Mountain Laurel Waldorf School Class of 2011 – Teresa Foudriat

Alumnua Hannah Emery

Mountain Laurel Waldorf School Class of 2006 – Teresa Foudriat/Jeff Feldman

Alumnus Gideon Sterer

Mountain Laurel Waldorf School Class of 2002 – Charly Frye

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