“All of our senses are fully engaged – the sweet smell of the nursery, the sound of the practicing orchestra, the sight of the blooms in the foyer and the children’s art on the wall. We are challenged and inspired by our community and we feel so connected to the teachers, parents, and other children. People will tell you Mountain Laurel will give you a rich community, will teach your child wonderful and beautiful things, and this is all true. But there are also rich things to discover for the parents as well and just as many opportunities for growth.”
~ Christine Kerr Horgan (parent)

Mountain Laurel Waldorf School Curriculum

Waldorf has become the largest independent, non-denominational education movement in the world.

Mountain Laurel Waldorf School in New Paltz, NY is committed to excellence in all academic skills, supported by deep exploration of the arts, and humanities.

Music appreciation begins in first grade with the recorder and evolves as, in third grade, all students begin playing stringed instruments. As students enter fifth grade, other orchestral instruments are introduced to support an all-school orchestra.

At Mountain Laurel, each student receives a full introduction to the classics, two world languages, history, geography, mathematics and science…the subjects today’s child needs to be prepared to meet the challenges of our world and the future–with clarity of thought, love of learning, a caring heart and confidence to initiate change.