Please join us at our annual events. These events are a wonderful way for our Mountain Laurel community to come together. We look forward to seeing you!

Music Share

Music is an integral and thriving part of the MLWS curriculum. Music Shares are special opportunities for students in 1st through 8th grade to share the music they’ve been working on in our school’s various ensembles, choirs and orchestras. Parents, family and friends are welcome!

Open House

Open Houses illuminate the Waldorf philosophy, our academic offerings and our dedication to creating a lifelong love of learning. During an Open House you will have an opportunity to visit the classrooms and view students’ work samples, attend informational workshops and watch a puppet show. Children are welcome. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

Typical Schedule
10:00am Get Acquainted/Refreshments/Meet the Teachers
10:30am – 11:00am Morning Circle Parents & Children
10:00am – 12:00am Bread Making & Arts & Crafts Activities
11:15am – 11:45am Q & A Session for Adults
11:45am Puppet Show

Winter Gift Making Fair

Looking for the perfect gift to warm the hearts of those you love? You’re likely to find – or create – it at this whole-family community event. Guests can handcraft beautiful gifts – beeswax candles, translucent window stars, wreaths, menorahs, pomanders and ornaments – from simple and natural materials. You’ll also be able to purchase unique crafts made by local artisans and students. Entertainment includes an enchanting puppet show, live music and a community sing-a-long. Enjoy an outdoor BBQ, roasted chestnuts, homemade desserts, hot apple cider and more.

Winter Spiral

At the Winter Spiral, we quietly enter a darkened room. To the sound of soft music, one by one, each child walks the spiral path of evergreens, holding a candle in an apple. They light their candle from a central one and place it reverently along the outgoing spiral. Gradually the room becomes aglow with candle light – a living picture of the human being’s journey toward an inner light to be brought out into the world. We depart silently for home, keeping this picture intact with us into the winter night.

Work Shares

Work Shares are an opportunity for students in 1st through 8th grade to share with family, friends and their schoolmates the songs, poems, skits, tongue twisters, world languages and more that they have worked on together as a class. Handwork, sculpture and main lesson books from each grade are often displayed for all to view. The first Work Share is held on the Tuesday afternoon before the Thanksgiving break in November, and the second is held before the noon dismissal on the last day of school.

School Events

Rose Ceremony
On the first day of school in September, the entire school gathers to welcome the new first grade children. First grade families are welcomed to join as the faculty sing, and the first grade children each take the pathway over the rainbow bridge where they are greeted by an eighth grade student and a rose. On the last day of school in June, the Rose Ceremony is relived, but this time for the eighth graders to receive a rose from the first grade students, as the school and the eighth grade families send them with love on their journey to high school.

Work Shares
Work shares are an opportunity for parents to see what their child’s class has been working on, including but not limited to verses, circle, songs, skits, foreign language songs or verses and eurythmy. Handwork from each grade is displayed for parents and children to view. The first work share is held on the Tuesday afternoon before the Thanksgiving break in November, and the second is held before the noon dismissal on the last day of school, both generously hosted across the street at St. Joseph’s Church.

Throughout the year the Mountain Laurel Waldorf School community comes together in different ways to celebrate the seasonal and spiritual festivals of Michaelmus, Martinmus (Lantern Walk), Winter Spiral and May Day. Each festival holds its own mood and reverence and is enjoyed by all.

School Plays
Over the course of the school year, each grade at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School presents a play for the school and school community. The plays themes are taken from the language arts curriculum for each grade and are often written by the class teachers. Plays are generally presented in the mornings for the school and in the evenings for the parent community.