Employment Opportunities

Thank you for considering to become a part of our innovative community at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School.

Marketing and Development Director

The Marketing and Development Director leads a multi‐faceted program that results in successful fundraising and enrollment for Mountain Laurel Waldorf.  The Marketing and Development Director’s mission is to educate our community about the school and inspire the community’s financial and volunteer support. Furthermore, the Marketing and Development Director works closely with the Administrator, College and Board of Trustees to execute a successful marketing budget and plan.   The Marketing and Development Director is a member of the Board of Trustees.



  • Oversees grant research and writing.
  • Implements the Annual Giving Campaign.
  • Responsible for the Annual Report
  • Oversees fundraising events including Music in the Field and the Spring Gala and online auction.
  • Works with the Business Manager and Office Manager to process gift income, provide receipts, acknowledge and recognize contributions and manage pledge reminders, all in a timely fashion.
  • Provides regular reporting that supports decision-making to the Board of Trustees and Administrator.
  • Devises a plan for enhancing MLWS development events that coincide with the strategic goals for funding, participation, and awareness‐building.
  • Coordinates targeting and timing of fundraising efforts, integrating school‐wide and class‐based projects into one calendar to maximize potential funding sources and eliminate duplication.
  • Oversees special events, both fundraisers and friend‐raisers, designed to strengthen relationships and secure funding from existing donors, prospective donors and friends of MLWS.
  • Actively promotes MLWS strategic vision to the internal constituencies of the school.
  • Pursues possible endowment opportunities.
  • Promotes and nurtures relationships with local businesses and the greater community.


  • Works closely with the Board of Trustees, Administration, and the Faculty Chair to develop a communications, outreach, and marketing plan to ensure consistent institutional messaging and develop marketing.
  • Oversees marketing activities.
  • Responsible for marketing budget and plan.
  • Executes against the plan (i.e. social media, newspaper, social media, etc.)
  • Oversees PR and media relations.
  • Organizes Open House events
  • Develops and implements a plan for formal alumni communications and events
  • Oversees the school website.
  • Builds relationships with local organizations to support admissions, such as Wild Earth, daycares, parent groups, etc.
  • Develops and implements strategies to raise the profile and improve the image of the school in the greater community through community-service outreach projects and events as well as various media and targeted event advertising.


  • Ability to deal effectively with many different types of people
  • Flexibility to work autonomously as well as in collaboration
  • Very strong organizational skills; an attention to detail and follow‐through and the ability to plan, organize, prioritize and coordinate multiple projects
  • Solid analytical and problem‐solving skills
  • Ability to maintain confidential information
  • Ability to take initiative and utilize innovative techniques to reach organizational goals
  • A strong commitment to Waldorf education and the MLWS culture


  • Effective organization skills
  • Collaborative leadership style
  • Strong computer skills required: proficiency in databases, spreadsheets, and word processing
  • Excellence in communicating, both orally and in writing
  • Knowledge of Waldorf school philosophy, including administrative and educational principles, techniques and methods preferred
  • Marketing experience

Time Involvement

Start Date is May 1, 2019 (this is somewhat flexible)
This is a full-time position with periodic evening meetings required. 
Attendance is required on campus as determined in collaboration with the Administrator. 


The Marketing and Development Director is a full-time position with health benefits.  Tuition remission is offered, if applicable. 
Salary to be negotiated upon offer of contract. 


To apply for this position, please email your cover letter and resume to our Director of Development at pattyjacobson@gmail.com as well as to Personnel@mountainlaurel.org and include “Marketing and Development Director Position” as the subject of the email. 

Thank you for considering this opportunity to become a part of our innovative community at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School.

School Administrator

Overall Objective

The Mountain Laurel Waldorf School, an independent day school serving approximately 180 students in nursery through eighth grade, is seeking a School Administrator beginning the 2019-20 school year. The School Administrator role is highly collaborative, working to support both the daily logistics as well as the long-term strategic aims of the school as defined by the Board of Trustees (in the legal and financial realms) and the College of Teachers (in the pedagogical realm). The School Administrator serves as a conduit of communication within the school community, building strong relationships between people and groups aligned around the school’s shared values and educational objectives. This position reports directly to the MLWS Board of Trustees.

Description of Duties

  1. Provides daily oversight of school operations, the management and implementation of the policies, procedures, and resources of the school as set by the Board;
  2. Oversees the performance of Administrative Staff, including, but not limited to, the Director of Marketing and Development, Business Manager and Admissions/Enrollment Manager;
  3. Oversees security infrastructure/upgrades to enhance safety and security of the school;
  4. Oversees and maintains the physical site of campus;
  5. Responsible for the physical security of all occupants of the school’s campus;
  6. Accountable for the compliance with all federal, state, county and local governing authorities relating to school operations;
  7. Responsible for reports to licensing and other regulatory agencies and ensures they are prepared and executed in a timely and professional manner;
  8. Monitors and addresses the well-being of the whole school community and facilitates positive interactions among school constituents;
  9. Represents MWLS and its values to the broader community;
  10. In coordination with the Faculty Chair, monitors and reports to the relevant bodies of the school regarding the effectiveness of school policies;
  11. Responds in a timely and appropriate manner to non-pedagogical questions and concerns from community members, Board, staff and faculty, as appropriate;
  12. Approves and disseminates all Constant Contact emails;
  13. Responsible for non-Pedagogical crisis management dealing with unexpected situations, emergencies, risks/threats to the organization’s operations, mission or effectiveness;
  14. Oversees annual update of the parent and employee handbooks and ensures compliance;
  15. Assists the Business Manager/Finance Committee in the preparation of the annual school budget;
  16. Provides daily oversight of school budgetary affairs as delegated by the Board of Directors and executed by the Business Manager/Finance Committee;
  17. In coordination with the Faculty Chair, oversees events and festivals including but not limited to the Winter Faire, May Day, and Graduation.
  18. Is the Chair of the Executive Committee and attends all Executive Committee meetings;
  19. Is a member of Finance Committee and attends all Finance Committee meetings;
  20. Is a member of the Board of Directors and attends all Board meetings; and
  21. Is a member of the College of Teachers and attends all meetings.


  1. Candidate should demonstrate the ability to manage and supervise individuals and work within teams and should be highly collaborative, organized, and efficient managing school resources and personnel;
  2. Should have excellent interpersonal skills to foster healthy relationships among faculty, administrative staff, current and prospective parents, College member, Board members and the general public;
  3. Should have experience in long-range planning, problem solving, conflict resolution, collaborative leadership, employee management, and public relations;
  4. This individual should have the ability to identify areas where policy or program development is needed, and work collaboratively with appropriate individuals to bring plan to fruition;
  5. Should have knowledge of accepted business practices related to budget preparation, administration, insurance, facilities operations, safety, and planning;
  6. Candidate should have the ability to represent school as an enthusiastic and articulate spokesperson; and
  7. Must be able to attend meetings outside regular school hours.

Start Date

Beginning of Summer 2019 (somewhat flexible)


The School Administrator is a full-time position with health benefits. Tuition remission offered, if applicable. Salary to be negotiated upon offer of contract.


To apply for this position, please email your cover letter and resume to our Director of Development at pattyjacobson@gmail.com as well as to Personnel@mountainlaurel.org and include “School Administrator” as the subject of the email.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to become a part of our innovative community at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School.