Parent Council

The mission of the Parent Council is three-fold in its intention:

First, that it bridge communication among the faculty, administration, board and parent body. The Parent Council is working with Bevin Gill, the current 5th grade teacher, to act as a liaison between the Parent Council and the College. In addition, the Parent Council meets regularly with the Executive Committee to ensure that parent initiatives are closely aligned with the needs of the school.

Second, that it organize and utilize the gifts and energies of the parent body to initiate and support events that enrich the life of the school community.

Many of our initial efforts for the current school year are focused on this mission. The following committees have been established, prioritized based on our discussions with the Executive Committee and insights gained from surveying both the College and the parent body.

  • Publication of bi-weekly newsletter to the school community
  • Coordination of Faculty Nourishment
  • Establishment of Welcome Committee for new families
  • Establishment of Parent Council presence at public events to help support new enrollment
  • Coordination of the Enchanted Walk
  • Coordination of Food Drives to support Family of New Paltz
  • Development of How-To Binder to provide information about parent responsibilities over the course of the passage from First Grade through Eighth Grade

Parents are invited to join one of these committees or to come forward with other ideas they feel passionate about to advance our mission.

Third, that it encourage and support parent understanding of Waldorf education by inspiring and facilitating learning opportunities.

As the Parent Council gains momentum, the group would like to invite faculty speakers to Parent Council meetings to help engage parents and study a variety of relevant topics. As areas of interest, questions and concerns are identified, speakers will be coordinated to broaden parents’ perspective on Waldorf education. As this understanding deepens, parents will be better able to support their children, the class teachers and the school community as a whole.

The Mountain Laurel Waldorf School Parent Council is committed to working in the spirit of warmth, inclusiveness, transparency and support in our school community.