Reserve Your 2020-21 Yearbook Now!

Dear Mountain Laurel Community,

We are pleased to announce that the Class of 2021 Yearbook Committee is creating a memorable keepsake for the families of Mountain Laurel. We humbly endeavor to make a tribute to our amazing class teacher, Mr. Wish, worthy of his achievements in our school community.

As in the past, we hope early childhood and the grade (Nursery through 7th grade) will place an ad paying tribute to Mr. Wish and the eighth graders. There will be no cost for these ads and we ask that each class limit the ad to 1/2 page.

To offset the cost of the yearbook, we will be soliciting a few business ads or for family and friends. An ad may be to personally recognize the class or a student, or Mr. WIsh, either from yourself, your business or a business you know, or a school community committee. The donations procured from the ad will be put toward offering a sliding scale yearbook so that it is more affordable. Any remaining funds go toward a charity chosen by the eighth graders.

For all correspondence on information and instructions about ads and the yearbook in general, please email the MLWS Class of 2021 yearbook committee at:

Deadline for submission of an ad of this type is Tuesday, May 15th.

To purchase a yearbook, please write a check and fill out the yearbook order form.

Deadline for yearbook orders is Friday, May 21st.

Last year’s yearbooks were subsidized from the funds raised for the eighth-grade trip so the cost was much lower. As our eighth graders did not have a fundraiser for a trip this year, the cost per yearbook is $44.00.

We hope to have the yearbooks ready by June so that the children may autograph them and write happy sentiments and wishes for each other.

Thank you for your continued support! Blessings!

MLWS Class of 2021